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A Hotdog Is A Sandwich

Andrew Durden, Staff Writer

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People are spreading the rumor that a hotdog is not a sandwich, but a hotdog IS a sandwich! There is no doubt about it! One piece of bread, or more, with meat inside of the bread is a sandwich. Period. There are many dictionaries online that specify you need two pieces of bread with a filling in between, but also many other dictionaries that claim a sandwich needs one or more pieces of bread with a filling. So, it is up for debate still because of you skeptics out there, but a hotdog is a sandwich! Everyone calls a flatbread a sandwich, but yet it contains one piece of bread? Subway calls their subs (Hoagie -Ed.) “sandwiches” but don’t make them into two pieces of bread. So why is a hotdog not given the respect it deserves in being apart of the sandwich clan!

(**Editor’s Note** A hotdog actually just refers to the sausage. You put that hotdog in a bun, you’ve got a sandwich. Also, you need not look any further than the first sentence in the hotdog wikipedia article.)

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A Hotdog Is A Sandwich