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Armed and Dangerous

Logan Boggs, Staff Writer

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      If you ever catch a glimpse of Hannah walking down the hallway you will most likely see a huge smile stretched across her face. Hannah is a huge ‘smiling makes you happier enthusiast’ and you can definitely tell because there is never a moment where Hannah is not smiling from ear to ear. Hannah is involved with many extra curricular activities and excels in all of them. Many of her greatest accomplishments come from her competitive shooting that she participates in. For the past three consecutive years she has competed in the national championship and finished extremely well. She also received a silver medal for a standing match at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado which if you didn’t know is a huuuuge deal.

Shooting guns is not the only thing Hannah excels at. She is involved in many clubs at CCS and has a huge role in all of them. Some of these roles include being the Historian in Student Government, head of the prom committee, young republicans club, pro life club, and a program called Appleseed where she is a full time instructor in fact the youngest instructor in North Carolina who teaches rifle marksmanship and safety.

Hannah plans on continuing her education at Clemson, UNC, Belmont, University of Kentucky, Liberty, or Furman and wants to major in communications because Knights Knews has taught her so much. Hannah is not only accomplished at shooting; she was in the Harvard Model Congress, National Honors Society, and has been on the Magna Cum Laude and Summa Cum Laude honor roll. Hannah is always working hard to be on top in all of her classes

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Armed and Dangerous