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Weaving through life

Andrew Durden, Staff Writer

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Have you ever heard someone laughing from down the entire hallway? That was probably Addison Weaver! His friends claim he has one of the, if not the loudest laugh in the entire Charlotte Christian School community.

The friends that claim this are Elizabeth Gowan, Abby Yoh, Melissa Goldstein and Kate Foster.

I bet you didn’t know that once upon a time, Addison Was at a football game and a plastic koozie attacked him and gave him a scar in his eyebrow! Wowza!

Addison has done a lot while he has attended Charlotte Christian. He played center defensive midfielder on the varsity soccer team. He played trumpet in the band and participated in the jazz band. He is on the Knights Knews team his senior year and loves it! He also does some work outside of this campus. He also is a tech assistant at Church of Charlotte-Matthews campus. He also tutors people at Gladedale Community Center! He just doesn’t stop does he!?

Addison has really enjoyed math and science class while at Charlotte Christian School. He has also loved all of his teachers, specifically Mr. Runge, Mr. Angley, Mr. Davis, Mr. Henson and Mrs. Szymborski. He claims that being in Mr. Henson and Mr. Hardy’s apologetics classes that he has grown a lot in his faith and enjoys knowing how to defend it.

Addison also commits himself to his academics! He is in the National Honors Society and the Tri-M Honors Society. He has been on the Summa Cum Laude honor roll from freshman to junior year and it would not surprise anyone if he made it a 4-peat!

Addison also enjoys a good laugh while watching the movie Kicking and Screaming. Also, he loves listening to a majority of music genres and songs, but if he had to choose his favorite, it would be Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance.

Addison, we hope you have a very happy and successful future as you embark on your future endeavors! We know you won’t ever forget about us after you’ve been here since kindergarten! Anyway, we love you and come see us every once in awhile!

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Weaving through life