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Nick Murrer, Staff Writer

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Austin Israel is easily one of the most athletic students at Charlotte Christian School. He can be seen under the Friday night lights on the football fields and also running his heart out on the track. Since middle school Austin has been locking up receivers and blazing past the finish line ever since he came to Christian. Through his 7 years at Charlotte Christian, he has surely left his mark athletically; he was on second team all conference for track and football!

In his years at Charlotte Christian, he has made incredible friends. His best friends are Amani, Ashanti, Colby, and Kayle. They love to participate in many shenanigans and you can always count on them to create a great time. You can even find him in the studio with Colby spitting barz for a good time. They are famous around the school for dropping one of their best mixtape called “Ice Cream.” It is one of the funniest songs you will ever here. One day we could have our very first rapper to come out Charlotte Christian.

Austin was not only one of the most fastest and most athletic kids in the school, but was also a very good student. All the teachers and coaches loved him because of his hard work inside the classroom and outside the classroom. You can always count on him to brighten up the mood and he always has a smile on his face. Austin is also known for his incredible dance moves. During prom he was always hitting the whip and the dougie. His friends either refer to him as “Iz” or “Izzy.”

Austin, ever since you came to Charlotte Christian you have made it into a better place. We will miss you and we wish the best of luck in the future!

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