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Charlotte Christian only has one Buggman walking the halls and that is Carter Bugg! Carter joined our school eight and a half years ago (he came halfway through fourth grade) and has loved it ever since. He loves math and government classes which have lead him to the idea of pursuing a degree in either business or political science. Because of this, both Mr. Hoff and Dr. Headley are his favorite teachers because they bestowed upon him a desire for knowledge in his favorite subjects. Their wonderful lessons have helped him expand his knowledge. While he remains unsure to this date because he wants to make sure he finds the perfect fit for him, those two majors are at the top of the list. Academically, Carter has made a name for himself. All four years of high school he has been named to the Cum Laude Honor Roll or higher. Athletically, he won the NCISAA State Championship in football his sophomore season. Spiritually, the teachers in our Bible department have helped reinforce the strength of his faith. Growing up in a Christian family means he’s always been exposed, but the way our teachers help him defend and fight for his faith are abilities he is grateful to have.


Did you know Carter also has a little sister? Julie, a freshman, is the complete opposite of Carter. He claims she is the wild one of the family. Without a doubt, he is thankful to have her around for the many laughs and memories and will miss seeing her everyday when he departs for college.


Outside of school, Carter is involved in a vast multitude of things. He sings in a high-school-only traveling choir at his church, which goes on tour each summer. Carter is also part of his church youth group and has worked since ninth grade overseeing Sunday operations. He is an Eagle Scout and has adopted a love for the outdoors, whether it be hiking, boating, or fishing. And of course, he loves the beach. His family has a house at Sunset Beach and they often enjoy family vacations together. Enos are a must-have, he adds.


Next year Charlotte Christian will not be the same without Carter. We will miss him dearly but are so excited for the journey God will take him on. Best of luck, Carter!

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