Healing The Divide

Maya Cauthen, Fine Arts Editor

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On February 23, 2017, Charlotte Christian had its very first Black History Month chapel where the school celebrated the accomplishments of African Americans over the years in this country. The chapel was organized by Victoria Johnson and Dallas Thomley with the help of their creative team, Kiara Cornelius, Kayla Knight, Gerlea Patton, Sydney Scott, Phoebe Son, Brooklyn Williams, Kai Young, LJ Brown, Austin Glover, Austin Israel, Logan Smith, Colby Valeriano, Benjamin Williams, JaJuan Wright, and Amani McLain. The chapel was organized in order to heal the divide that separates all of us on both this campus and within the entire country.


The chapel opened with a spirited musical guest, Dennis Reed. Mr. Reed led the high school in singing traditional black hymns and dynamic gospel music. After praise and worship, we were all blown away by a dance performed by the talented Carrington Lue-Hing to the song “Rise Up” by Andra Day.


By far, the most riveting part of the chapel was an in-depth discussion about topics like racism, prejudice, and the meaning of loving one another. Students submitted questions to the creative team in order to have them answered by our esteemed panel of speakers. Our guest speakers were Erick Hodge of Transformation Church, British Hyrams of Central Steele Creek Presbyterian Church, Jim Kallam of Church at Charlotte, and Perry Tuttle, an inspirational speaker and a sports’ minister. The panelists were faced with difficult questions about how they each had encountered prejudice in their own personal lives and gave the high schoolers key advice for forwarding our nation beyond hatred. They preached about the importance of loving one another and talking to each other. We cannot heal the divide until we fully confront and understand the divide.


Our first Black History Month Chapel was a success and we cannot wait for this new tradition to carry on next year. Remember to keep healing the divide!

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Healing The Divide