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Day At The Cannon’s

Rhodes and Haley pose to show off their southern charm.

Rhodes and Haley pose to show off their southern charm.

Rhodes and Haley pose to show off their southern charm.

Rob Peterson, Staff Writer

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SGA put on a show this year with the day at the Cannons. Students stepped up on stage to show off their talents and pairs of teachers announced senior superlatives. There also was a surprised attack on SGA President Jackson Cannon when attacker Jonathan Peach took off his shirt and rushed the stage attempting to take down Jackson. This was a big deal for the senior class because one of their long time goals has been to get Peach to “take it off!” The musical theater performance by Steady Cash and Colin Gallagher won first play; Steady also took home second place with his band, and lastly in third place was Brian Crawford, who showed off his dance moves. Below are the senior superlatives:

Most likely to make classmates laugh- Eva Bower and Jack Bennett

Take home to parents- Connor Armistead and Annie Nedrow

Most Christ like- Patrick Girard and Melissa Goldstein

Most likely to be president- Jackson Cannon and Abby Yoh

Best laugh- Brian Crawford and Cenia

Most likely to win a Oscar/Tony- Austin Glover and Leah Cloniger

Ben Ector award, most likely to stay at CCS- Jackson Cannon and Emma Giller

Most likely to be late to graduation- Grace DuPre and Drew Donathan

Most ready to graduate- Mac McLennan and Madison Barnes

Mostly likely to stand up for what is right- Hope Giller and Patrick Girard

School Spirit- Andrew Durden and Gerlea Patton

Most likely to win the lottery- Emmery Johnson and Drew Donathan

Most chill- Jen Ho and Jake Stubblefield

Most outspoken- Gracie Burt and Grant Armistead

Most southern- Haley Hobbs and Rhodes Karriker

Most artistic- Kayle Mason and Lauren Spangler

Most likely to take over the world- Katherine Hanebutt and Kyle Forker

Most likely to be on the Voice- Austin Glover and Elizabeth Gowan

Most athletic- Beau Snuggs and Kai Young

Best eyes- Scottie Wallace and Lacey Weller

Most driving records- Mac McLennan and Lilly Turner

Best hair- Summer McCorkle and Jack Bennett

Best dressed- Victoria Johnson and Miles Gary

Most likely to be a meme- Nate Gentlesk and Gerlea Patton

Best shoulder to cry on- Ike Griffin and Sydney Scott

Best couple- Cody Bischoff and Jillian Depinto

Best smile – Rob Peterson and Victoria Johnson

Most likely to be a CEO- Abby Yoh and Mark Trotter

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Day At The Cannon’s