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Tips with Drew and Nate: Prom 2017

Nate Gentlesk, Assistant Editor

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Listen up, everyone! Prom is right around the corner and you probably don’t know ANYTHING about it! Well, don’t worry because Drew and Nate, your trusty spirit guides, are back again to help you do prom right!

1. Make sure your phone is charged up and already downloaded the WWE Universe app. Charlotte Christian Prom is on a Friday; you and your date cannot miss Friday Night Smack down. Can’t miss any swanton bombs off the top rope, c’mon now!
2. On the dance floor, forego traditional dance moves for a Professional Wrestling move showcase.
3. If you see anyone dancing with your date, or even flirting, or even looking at your date; do you not be afraid to give them a swanton bomb of the tables.
4. Fashion is important at prom, and quite frankly, if you aren’t wearing a cape you’re just going to look dumb.
5. Keep it professional. Only refer to your date as “date”
6. Need prom pictures on a budget? Hanxi can be pricey, so don’t be afraid to head down to a Wal-Mart and/or movie theatre to take advantage of the photo booths.
7. Pringles. Bring them.
8. Use your date’s purse to grab as many things off the desert bar as you can. You can indulge in choclates after prom;)
9. Toy with your date’s feelings. Flirt with other peoples’ dates. (Also, don’t be afraid to trade dates)
10. Is your date talking about “color schemes” and “not clashing”? Forget that! She’s just trying to steal the show, don’t be afraid to go against the grain. Wear a multi-colored/animal print sequin tuxedo.

With these tips, this prom will be one to remember! Have fun, Knights!

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Tips with Drew and Nate: Prom 2017