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Grace Baker loves to go on adventures and see new places. She took a trip to Asheville – one of her local favorites.

Grace Baker – if you don’t know her personally, you probably know her car. Have you ever seen a lime green jeep with blue flower stickers driving around campus? Well, if you have, that’s her! Grace bought her jeep during freshman year and, since then, is has become well-known around the area. People often stop and tell her, “Hey, I saw you driving.”


When she’s not driving around in her jeep or hanging out with her closest friends – Sara Shepherd, Callie Cain, and Phoebe Son – you can probably find Grace doing something on campus. Since her arrival in 7th grade, she has become very active in the Charlotte Christian community. From freshman to junior year, she served on student government as PR and then historian. This year, with the introduction of prefects, she was chosen as the Student Life/Fine Arts Prefect. In addition, she is a CELL Group leader, on Knights Knews, and tutors fellow classmates – she’s very smart.


Speaking of her intelligence, Grace’s awards speak for themselves. She is in National Honor Society and National Spanish Honor Society and received the highest overall grades in Spanish 2 Honors, Geometry Honors, Christian Theology, and Spanish 4 Honors.


So, clearly, she is academically well-rounded. But, Grace has done a lot to broaden her horizons and experience new cultures. Most notably, she spent two weeks in Japan as an exchange student the summer after freshman year without knowing any Japanese. She often tells her friend Sara that it was one of the most enjoyable experiences of her life and she would love to return someday. But until then, Grace wants to continue traveling the world and checking new continents off her list.


As her six years at Charlotte Christian slowly wind down to a close, Grace is very busy thinking about her future. She plans to major in political science or classical studies with a pre-law track. Currently, her goal is to go into the Veteran’s Affairs area of law. The schools she will apply to include Boston College, Wake Forest, and UNC Chapel Hill.


Charlotte Christian without Grace Baker is hard to imagine. After all, she has dedicated her time here to representing the student body and makes an effort to get to know everyone on a personal level. Her teachers and classmates will miss her dearly, but we know there is so much in store for her. Grace, we are so excited to see where God leads you on this incredible journey. We will miss you!

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