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Nate McGrath, Staff Writer

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Caroline Thompson and two of her teammates, Meg Martin and Allison Holbrooks, loved beating the underclassman in a game of kickball during soccer practice.

If you ever feel like you need a random fact, Caroline Thompson is the person to ask! She is known for her kind heart, athletic ability, and her weird ability to answer literally any question. Like any question. It’s crazy. Maybe not as crazy as a bear walking into the kitchen at her beach house in Florida, but still…

Caroline came to Charlotte Christian the beginning of her junior year and has been heavily involved since with activities both in and out of school. For starters, she plays volleyball and soccer for our Knights, in addition to playing basketball outside of school. She also is in choir and praise band. Last year, she was inducted into National Honor Society. Caroline is also a Montclair Freedom school volunteer, where she works to help children in the summer with learning. It’s easy to see that Caroline is a well-balanced individual.

Caroline is known for being a friend to all, as she’s very outgoing and caring. While she is friends with everyone, two of her best friends are Allison Holbrooks and Meg Martin. Come soccer season, you can see these three messing around and having a fun time with each other, all while tearing up competition on the field.

Like her friends, Caroline loves all of her teachers, but some of her favorites have been Dr. Headley and Mr. Angley. Both have given her priceless wisdom and love for learning.

While at CCS, Caroline’s spiritual growth has definitely grown and deepened. From Windy Gap to spiritual involvement throughout the school, Caroline’s faith has developed as she learns how to defend it. Her favorite bible verse is Psalm 100, which talks about God’s love enduring forever. With this passion for Christ, Caroline became our spiritual life prefect for the 2017-18 school year.

As she heads off into college, Caroline is interested in majoring in psychology. One of the colleges she is most interested in is Wofford, which is not too far from Charlotte.

Whichever road she travels on, Caroline is sure to spread joy to others and we’re proud to call her a Knight!

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