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Regan smiles next to her award winning artwork. She has won several regional and national awards throughout the past 4 years.

A girl of many talents, a selfless heart, and impeccable fashion, Regan Jackson is one of the most unique students on the campus of Charlotte Christian school.

Not only is she the President of the National Art Honors Society, a recipient of several art awards, and one of the core members of the fine arts department, Regan is as inspiring as they come, touching everyone’s hearts with her boundless creativity and overall message of peace. She refers to herself as the resident ‘art nerd’ because she is always creating something new and going above and beyond the boundaries of her art classes.

This year, she has taken on the role of President of the NAHS and it is safe to say that she is taking her role seriously. Regan is already coming up with great art service projects for her Regan has a passion for the arts and is one of the most prominent members of the CCS arts department. Whenever there is a musical, she is the first to volunteer to take on the role of leadership, whether it be working backstage, working the lights, or managing the sound.

Apart from her love of the arts, Regan loves to learn. She challenges herself academically. She takes as many courses as she possibly can to expand her mind and is also a member of the National Honors Society and the NJCL Latin Club.

One of Regan’s inspirations is Nelson Mandela who believed that the education was the most powerful weapon in the world. Regan takes his words and applies it to her own life everyday by pushing herself to the limit.

After graduating, Regan plans to attend George Washington University, American University, or UNC Chapel Hill. At a university, she plans to study anthropology and Pre-Med.

Besides her talent and her brains, Regan is a social butterfly on campus. She has made tons of friends over the past 14 years and impacted the lives of many others with her sweet smile. Some of her closest friends are Phoebe Son, Dallas Thomley, and Caroline White.

Regan is no doubt a future innovator and achiever. We are proud of the talented young woman she has become and are looking forward to seeing her soar in her creativity.

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