New Year, New Faces

Blake Preston, Staff Writer

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There are many new faces walking through the halls of Charlotte Christian this year – and they’re not all students! If you’re hoping to get to know any of the new teachers a little better, just continue reading!


Ms. Tiara Butler:

This is now Ms. Butler’s 3rd year working at Charlotte Christian, but most know her as Coach T. She is a coach for the Track and Field program, and previously worked for the athletic department as the Athletic Coordinator.  Coach T is now a Study Hall teacher for the middle and upper school and will continue to coach the Track and Field team. When asked what led her to join the Charlotte Christian Family she said, “I was led here for the track and field program, but it soon became a desire to impact the students for Christ.” She has certainly proven that with the countless hours she has poured into the student body here, as was seen last year when she offered up optional workouts after school in the wintertime so that students had an opportunity to prepare for the track season. Ms. Butler is well equipped to handle any questions students may have about their fitness, but she would also love to help answer any questions students have about their faith.


Ms. Brooke DeVore:

Mrs. DeVore is the new PreCal, PreCal Honors, and Advanced Functions teacher at Charlotte Christian. This is Mrs. DeVore’s first year of teaching, as she recently graduated from the University of Georgia in December of 2016. She got both her undergraduate as well as her graduate in education from Georgia and is well qualified for the job here at CCS. She didn’t always want to be a high school math teacher, but as she went through college she realized she preferred teaching high school math to teaching middle school math. She began looking for a job in January as soon as she moved to Charlotte. She was substituting at schools all over Charlotte. Referring to Charlotte Christian, she said, “I remember walking into Charlotte Christian for the first time as a sub and it reminded me so much of where I went to high school, and I loved my high school.” She applied for the job here and interviewed for the position in March. She said, “I am so blessed that God has placed me at such an amazing school.” She is excited for her first year of teaching and would love to get to know everyone better, so don’t be afraid to come talk to her!


Mr. Matt Korman:

Coach Korman is the new weight room coach at Charlotte Christian. He toured the school multiple times when visiting his sister in-law, Coach Naeher (lower school P.E. coach), and he really enjoyed the atmosphere. As a result, when the position opened up, he jumped on the opportunity. Coach Korman handles not only the weight lifting classes during school, but also all of the different sports teams that come into lift and workout. He said the hardest part of the job is “having to recognize the difference between different athletes, male or female, and the different sports teams.” This is important, because it provides them with lifts that will benefit them in their individual sports. Coach Korman is excited to be a member of the Charlotte Christian community and is excited to develop his relationships with the athletes and students at CCS.


Mr. Russell McMullen:

Mr. McMullen is the new Western Civ teacher and is excited about joining a school with a “reputation for being an excellent educational environment and a wonderful spiritual family.” He is both excited to teach the seniors because of the great things he has heard about them, and because of the importance this subject has in particular with the time that we live in today. Mr. McMullen taught in Gainesville, FL at Cornerstone Academy for five years after he graduated from the University of Florida before coming to Charlotte. Mr. McMullen loves history and is looking forward to this year!


Mrs. Brooke Morgan:

Everyone be sure to welcome Mrs. Morgan to the CCS Upper School. Mrs. Morgan is the new Dean of Students here in the Upper School and is excited for the opportunity to work at a school like Charlotte Christian. She can’t wait to get to know all of the parents and students, as well as have the opportunity to get to know all the faculty members better. She loves the family atmosphere here and loves how much people care for one another. Mrs. Morgan has plenty of experience: After teaching at Apex High School for multiple years, she worked at South Charlotte Middle for 10 years, teaching business classes and working as an administrator. She is married to “her best friend since 6th grade” and has two little boys: Graycen, who is in 4th grade, and Tucker, who is 3 months old. Mrs. Morgan has been praying for the opportunity to work at a Christian school where she can both share her faith with students and be surrounded by a family of believers. After attending a parent coffee at Charlotte Christian, she loved the school and later went home and applied for the job. She is excited about this year and would love to get to know each and every student and faculty member at CCS.


Ms. Krista Roth:

Krista Roth, a CCS alum, is now returning to the community as the new English 11 and English 12 teacher. Ms. Roth said that when she decided to teach at Charlotte Christian “it was kind of like coming home.” Ms. Roth said she is excited to go back to Windy Gap and she’s also excited to get to know all of the Juniors and Seniors. When asked about her experience she said, “It’s cool when you get to sit with the other teachers who taught you when you were a student, and just grow your relationship with them.” Like most English teachers, Ms. Roth is a total book worm and she passionately displayed her love for Harry Potter by confessing, “I go and take quizzes on what ‘house’ I’d be in.” Ms. Roth would love to get to know anyone who is willing to put in the time!


Mrs. Lyn Smith:

Welcome to Charlotte Christian, Mrs. Smith! Mrs. Smith is the new Administrative Assistant, and she knows a thing or two about working at a Christian school as she worked for a different Christian school for 12 whole years! After this, she worked for a bank for 4 years, but soon realized how much she missed the students and the other benefits of working at a school. Mrs. Smith was already familiar with this community because her daughter, Emily Mayes, serves here as one of the middle school P.E. coaches. She is excited about working at a school where “Christ is openly shared and worshiped and where people’s lives can be changed for eternity.” She is also nervous about “remembering names” and asks y’all to not be insulted if she asks for your name a time or two!


Ms. Cindy Stater:

Mrs. Stater has been on faculty here at Charlotte Christian for 4 years. She has previously served in the middle school here and is excited to start her new position in the Upper School. She has spent many hours already helping students learn and prepare for their classes in many different ways. When her and her family moved here from Indiana 7 years ago, Mrs. Stater sent her children here. She said that, “When we moved here we were looking for a good Christian School, like the one we had in Indiana, and some friends recommended here. So we checked it out and loved it, so we decided to enroll them here. When asked about her faith and the biggest impact she said, “The biggest event in my spiritual walk was when I attended a retreat in Colorado based on Captivating by Stacy Aldridge. They do these retreats and thousands of women apply and it’s a lottery system to get in. It meant a lot, because some of the topics addressed in the book are very similar to ones that happened to me.” Mrs. Stater is located in the media center and would love to help any student who needs help with their work.


Mrs. Sarah Wiles:

When you get the chance, you must go meet Mrs. Wiles. She a new Chemistry and Physics teacher here and also helps with Study Hall classes. She has a very exciting personality and loves interacting with the students. This was evident in that her answer to, “what is she most excited for about this year,” when she answered: “the students.” She wants to get to know everyone, whether you are taking one of her classes are not. She is also excited about the amount of focus on excellence and academics at this school. She loves the fact that she can teach in a high school with so many student athletes as well. She ran cross-country when she was in high school and told a very typical “When I was a kid…” type story about her old coach. “My cross-country coach was an old pot belly old man. He would send us out on runs by taking a massive whiff of his pipe and as he exhaled would say, ‘Off you go!’” Mrs. Wiles is excited to teach at a Christian school and has plenty of experience in teaching as she taught at, Hickory Grove Christian, and prior to that 6 years of public school education. If you haven’t already, come by and meet her!

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New Year, New Faces