Ready, Set, Row!

Shae Whittle, Staff Writer

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Ethan Fancher cheers as he paddles to the island and to victory! The freshmen cheered him on as he rowed his boat to the finish line.

As the high school class representatives began building their boats, the anticipation grew. The crowd wondered which class boat would come out victorious. The island was filled with eager high school students, ready to cheer their team on to victory!


This year, the boat races caught the attention of the masses because it’s never been done before. A team of four from each grade had to make a boat out of cardboard, a tarp, pool noodles, and other items that you would most likely find shoved in a random box in your garage.


The freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors set their boats into the water and prepared to take off. As soon as it was time to take off, the sophomores, juniors, and seniors fell flat. Their boats began to sink, leaving each representative submerged in the water. But while all the other boats came crashing apart, one stayed intact. The freshmen boat rider, Ethan Fancher, paddled his way across the lake and won the boat race for the freshmen!


Jimmy Bailey, Chip Kasay, Austin Blake, and Ethan Fancher constructed the boat for the freshman and got their grade a win. When they realized a certain victory was inches away, the three raced around the lake and onto the island to greet their teammate as soon as he reached the finish line. There was a lot of celebrating and cheering as Fancher approached the island in the boat that started from nothing. Although the seniors brutally beat the freshmen in dodgeball, the freshmen class got back on top with boat races. Well, maybe not exactly “back on top”, but they did celebrate and cheer for the victory they deserved.

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Ready, Set, Row!