Taking On a Moondance Adventure

Shae Whittle, Staff Writer

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Elinor poses for a quick picture while scuba diving in Belize. She enjoyed going deep into the water and checking out all the exotic sea life with her friends.

When summer started, everyone most likely planned out the perfect summer which included crazy activities and adventures. Sadly, most of our summer goals did not go exactly as planned. Instead of spending nights around bonfires and making memories, some of us decided to make memories with our Netflix accounts. While some of our summer nights were spent sleeping, sleeping, and more sleeping, Elinor Langdon spent two weeks of her summer doing things that we all had written on our summer bucket lists.

Elinor has been traveling with Moondance Adventures for 2 years now. Moondance is a travel agency that allows teens to take trips to some of the most exotic and awe-inspiring places in the world. It allows students to do new, exciting things and find the daring and adventurous parts of them that often stay contained.

When asked about the best part of Moondance, Elinor said, “The best part is how easy it is to make lasting friendships with everyone on these trips and how everyone easily becomes like a family.”

Elinor went on a trip to Colorado two years ago with Moondance, but her favorite trip was the 2017 summer trip to Belize and Costa Rica. The trip opened her eyes to the different cultures of the world. She participated in scuba diving, surfing, zip lining, and whitewater rafting. While doing all of these activities, Elinor gathered with her friends and took on daring experiences she never imagined herself doing.

When we asked Elinor the question, “What is something that you’ve learned about yourself, friendship, or the world that has impacted you greatly while on these trips?” Trips like these can really have an impact on someone, and that was the case with Elinor.

When asked about what impact the Moondance trips have had on her, she replied with “One thing I learned about both myself and people is that when I stop worrying about the future or things that might happen in the future, I am able to make better friendships and be a happier person overall.”

Moondance Adventures travel to those places that you see when you search “beautiful beaches” on Google. Some of the locations they go to include Ecuador, Fiji, Maui, Spain, South Africa, and many more.

Elinor can tell you all about it, and maybe next year when writing your summer bucket list, you’ll include a trip with Moondance!

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Taking On a Moondance Adventure