Lip Sync!

Vivian Yang, Staff Writer

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The activity that all Charlotte Christian students look forward to the most at Windy Gap has to be the Lip Sync Battle.

There are always many memories made on the stage. It never fails to put a smile on everyone’s face. This year’s lip sync battle was especially memorable.

Starting off, the prefects set the stage with a banger! The groovy dance moves and catchy music set the room into a fun atmosphere. Up next, we had the famous Mrs. Poole!

It is a tradition for Mrs. Poole to perform at the annual lip sync battle. This year, Mrs. Poole brought to us a song from the Lion King. It definitely brought back many childhood memories. Along with her dance moves, it was something special.

The junior class representatives were Ricky Kofoed and Jackson Combis. Those two boys always brighten up everyone’s days and their performance lived up to its expectation. The beat of the song matched perfectly to their dance moves. It was fabulous!

Landon Elliot represented the sophomore class. It was definitely a step-up from last year, when the then-freshman simply walked across the stage. Landon Elliot’s fresh dance moves shocked everyone. He is a brave one for going solo!

The senior class’ lip sync performance was especially creative. Their costumes definitely gave them extra points!

Then came the freshman class. Morgan Brown, joined by her brother, Terrelle Brown, surprised everyone. They were so coordinated and the song they picked could not be more perfect.

It is no shock that the freshman class came in first place. They were very professional and creative! The Lip Sync Battle of 2017 was one to remember.

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Lip Sync!