A group poses before Homecoming. Everyone had a great time!

A group poses before Homecoming. Everyone had a great time!

Allie McCreary, Staff Writer

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Saturday, October 14th marked the date of Charlotte Christian’s annual Homecoming dance. Freshmen through Seniors arrived dressed up and ready to have a great night.


The dance took place in the lower gym, and the Saleh room was decked out with food and decorations that were put together by Mrs. Fair.


The DJ this year was, let’s just say, “unique.” There was a very large contrast of slightly awkward love songs, rap songs, and throwback songs from 2005. Mr. Ector’s theory is that as soon as couples no longer had room for Jesus and the Bible distance was broken, the song was rapidly changed to Miley Cyrus’ pre-rebellious phase.


Overall though, the night was a great time where everyone, whether a senior boy or a freshman girl, could come together and have lots of sugary candy and dancing, no matter what their opinion of the song.


Homecoming is definitely one of the highlights of the year for many people, and we look forward to it next year!

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