Dance Team Takes New York City

After dancing for 3 hours, the team posed before dinner at Trecolori.

After dancing for 3 hours, the team posed before dinner at Trecolori.

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Last weekend the CCS dance team kicked off their season with a weekend of Broadway dance classes and dancing shows (and shopping, of course) in NYC. Although it was a ton of fun, it was also an amazing experience and opportunity for all of the dancers.


Most of the weekend was spent at the Broadway Dance Center, where dozens of well-known choreographers teach a variety of classes. And when I say a variety, I mean everything from basic ballet to waacking. If you’ve never heard of waacking, Emma Schmidt, Lily Robinson, and Elizabeth Bobbitt were the only ones daring enough to try it – so if you’re on the edge of your seat wanting to know more, find one of those girls.


With the exception of those three, most of the girls stuck to the basics, including: different jazz classes, hip hop, ballet, and contemporary.  If you ask any of the dance team members, I’m confident they would say that learning from these instructors was an amazing experience, and definitely the highlight of the weekend.


When not dancing themselves, the team enjoyed watching other people dance. This included the Broadway shows Anastasia and Cats. On top of all of this, the team also had time to eat lots of amazing food, walk through Times Square, and shop in Manhattan.


The dance team members danced for a total of 9 hours this weekend, so If you see any of them limping through the halls, you’ll know why.  Although sore and tired, everyone had an amazing time and the experience was definitely worth the blistered feet and aching muscles. Everyone is looking forward to the season and can’t wait to see you at the basketball games!

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