Loony Bin

Blake Preston, Staff Writer

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The Lamb Loonies have been haunting the dreams of opposing teams for years. Starting, in the words of co-leader Reid Mayers, “too long ago for any of us to know”.


The Lamb Loonies fervently cheer on the CCS basketball team as well as pester the opposing players in an attempt to throw them off their game. Though there has been a decrease in attendance from game to game, the Lamb Loonies showed great potential last year at the Knights home game versus Providence Day. The gym was so loud that players had to scream at the top of their lungs to be heard over the roaring crowd.


This year should be a good one as the Lamb Loonies will be led by 4 outspoken senior gentlemen that enjoy the sport of basketball…perhaps a little too much. Jack Mitchell and Ben Duyck join the current leaders of our football student section and add a little more voice. These two young men are both loud and enthusiastic and have made it their goal to make the Knight’s opponents cry at least once a game. The other young men, Reid Mayers and Jonathan Jagielski (A.K.A. JJ), did their best in leading a student section that was deprived of a total of 31 seniors as they were busy this fall either cheering or playing on the field.


They will be partnering with the Athletic Prefect, Meg Martin, to plan themes and organize sign making and other related activities.


The student section will get 31 of these seniors back as well as some boisterous juniors, including but not limited to: Ricky Kofoed, Obi Egbuna, and JT Killen. The three return after winning a state championship in football.


The Lamb Loonies have a chance to be great this year as they cheer on the Knights! As great as years past? We’ll have to wait and see!

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