The 4 Musketeers

Squad pic as they go to Krispy Kreme for some HOT NOW doughnuts!

Squad pic as they go to Krispy Kreme for some HOT NOW doughnuts!

Blake Preston, Staff Writer

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All of the Charlotte Christian students, past and present, know about the greatness and consistency of the Bible department. So, I decided to take time and get to know the four bible teachers to give everyone else a chance to learn more about them.


How many years have you been here?

Mr. Cummings – 6 years

Mr. Davis – 12 years

Mr. Henson – 13 years

Mr. Hardy- 13 years


What makes your position in the bible department so unique?

Mr. Cummings – The spiritual life director, I am also the first upper school bible teacher that the majority of the students in the upper school will have because I try to prepare them for the other bible classes they will take.

Mr. Davis – One unique thing we do is my wife comes in and we share about relationships. We are the only class that goes through the birth and growth of the church.

Mr. Henson – I get to teach cool topics, I have a bird’s eye approach in looking at the bible, not book by book but I take everything and then take the theology out of it. We also talk about other faiths; I don’t think Hardy does that. We also do debates and visit other churches.

Mr. Hardy – Because I get all the seniors right before they go back to college, so I get to prepare the seniors for the world.


What is your favorite event at the school? (Excluding Windy Gap)

Mr. Cummings – When they ask me to help host prom because the desserts there are so good, also ugly sweater day is a great one for me. I enjoy dedicating new building!

Mr. Davis – I do enjoy Dasketball on tuesday nights. I enjoy providing commentary for the powder puff game with Mr. Fair. I also enjoy hanging out in the morning with my fellow teachers in Mr. Hardy’s room. So, a combination of those three probably.

Mr. Henson – I like going to wrestling matches, that’s good.

Mr. Hardy – Teacher appreciation day, it’s fun.


What is your favorite Bible verse?

Mr. Cummings – John 3:30- “He must increase but I must decrease.”

Mr. Davis – John 17:3- “And this is the eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.”

Mr. Henson – “My favorite Chapter is Isaiah 53. I like that it beautifully portrays Christ’s life 700 years before it happens.”

Mr. Hardy – Romans 1:20- “For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So, they are without excuse.”


Now for some lighter questions, into their lives:


Who is the funniest out of the other three?

Mr. Cummings – They are all funny in their own way, they are all funny, but Mr. Davis definitely makes me laugh the most. It also helps that we are the nerdiest but we find each other’s dorkiness funny.

Mr. Davis – That’s tough, Mr. Cummings makes me laugh. Mr. Henson’s presentations make me laugh. Henson does a good job blending humor into his presentations. Cummings, because he talks trash when he plays basketball and I laugh at that. It’s funny not mean but I definitely find myself gut laughing on the court.

Mr. Henson – Out of the other three, ah a competition, Cummings has funny dry humor but Davis definitely words things funnier Davis is definitely funnier outside of class. Usually Davis is funnier.

Mr. Hardy – Henson, Henson absolutely.


Who is most likely to fail Mrs. Szymborski’s or Mrs. Dean’s class?

Mr. Cummings – Definitely me, I’m most definitely the guiltiest.

Mr. Davis – Mr. Henson, he has dyslexia so definitely gives him a disadvantage.

Mr. Henson – Huh, me, definitely me, Szymborski’s or Dean’s class… English has always been a bad class for me, I’ve just been never a very good student in English.

Mr. Hardy – It’s not Davis, all of them have their masters… Henson because he’d be joking all class.


Will you be going out to see the new Star Wars Movie The Last Jedi? Who will you go with?

Mr. Cummings – Yeah actually, I’m going to be planning a CCS male teacher guy’s night out, so go out get some good dinner and go see the new movie.

Mr. Davis – I do plan to see it and probably with some friends from church.

Mr. Henson – Huh, I guess I’ll see it, I may just take my daughter. My sons don’t want to see it because they say it’s become a princess movie with all the girls.

Mr. Hardy – Yes, with my boys.

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