Valentine’s Day Tips with Blake and Nate

Blake Preston and Nate McGrath

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No day is more exciting and filled with love than Valentine’s Day. With numerous lovers, we are well equipped to bless you with our wisdom so that you all can experience the magic of love. <3


  1. Go take a visit to Dr. Love, it’s not time consuming nor is transportation an issue as he is easy to get to and often available.
  2. Get a job. Nothing is more expensive than a needy boyfriend or girlfriend. You need to start saving now because you’ll be shoveling over cash nonstop.
  3. Flower petals. Just trust us, get them.
  4. Anyone that you don’t want to go to Sadies with? Now is your chance to determine your destiny by sending a hint that you’re not interested in them and guarantee you get the date you actually wanted.
  5. Having trouble asking a girl out? Use this poetic phrase, it works every time. “Roses are red, violets are blue, Valentine’s day is stupid, but hey can I go out with you?”
  6. Okay a typical tradition is to get your Valentine a box of chocolate. But we recommend you avoid the traditional milk chocolate and go with some white chocolate.
  7. When you wake up on Valentine’s Day, make sure you utilized your cologne/perfume, that way your Valentine knows you are always smelling fresh and you’ll even help the school out by allowing them to save their Febreeze.
  8. When you buy your special someone flowers make sure they have an odd number of petals. Therefore, she always lands on “He loves me” instead of “He loves me not”.
  9. Girls love a romantic dinner, but they love a man that can cook even more. Impress your date with some quality grilled cheese sandwiches with a side of exotic ramen noodles.
  10. If your picking a girl up in your car, make sure to have the song “Can you feel the love tonight?” playing on full volume, nothing beats this rhythmic beat. It’ll also bring back some great childhood memories.
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