Breck-It Down

Blake Preston, Staff Writer

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February 25th, 2018, all 77 seniors pulled into Charlotte’s airport, dragging bags behind them at the crack of dawn, faces filled with excitement and anticipation for a week to get away from school, parents, and an organized schedule.

After landing in Denver, the seniors and chaperones piled into vans that drove them to a hotel where they would spend their first day of the trip getting acclimated to the altitude. The next day they all jumped on a bus and took a 2-hour ride to the tourist town of Breckenridge. Here the seniors would get the closest thing to a college experience that they have had yet. Five days full of planning out meals, whether they were cooking or eating out, gave them a quick glimpse of what it is like to live independent of their parents.

Each day the seniors would make the short (but breathless) walk to the lobby where the skiers and non-skiers would board their vans to go to their different daily activities. There were many activities for the non-skiers, from dog sledding with Alaskan and Siberian huskies, to riding snow mobiles up the Georgia pass. There were also opportunities for the skiers to enjoy these activities as they only skied 3 of the 5 days they were up there. In the evenings from Sunday-Thursday the seniors attended a nightly session; at these sessions, there was an activity that select seniors participated in and then, after, they would listen to Mr. Giller talk about college and life through 5 questions he asked. Thursday night was a special night as Mr. Giller had an open mic night where students could ask any question—serious or not. The last day was filled with mixed emotions, as the skiers went down the slopes one more time and non-skiers went around doing last minute shopping and gondola riding, then around 6, 50 of the seniors jumped on vans and rode to mountains outside of Breckenridge, here they had some man-made mountains in which people would ride on tubes down, spinning or just flying down. Then after getting back the seniors hustled to clean their rooms and get some sleep before being forced to wake up at 4:30 in order to catch the bus back to the airport.

After a week filled with activity and sleepless nights, the seniors greatly enjoyed the chance to get to know everyone a little better at Breckenridge. It will definitely make saying goodbye in May more difficult, but it was a phenomenal trip.

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