Welcome to Harvard (Model Congress)

Allie McCreary, Staff Writer

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On February 21, twenty-six juniors boarded a plane to Boston, Massachusetts, where they spent the week debating, lobbying, and writing bills. It was a week of hard work, but also a week of fun, and many memories were made.


The conference lasted from Thursday to Sunday, and consisted of students from around the country representing different political parties and states. If you don’t know anything about Harvard Model Congress, it is a “mock” Congress that Harvard students organize and run every year. These Harvard students represent the Presidential Cabinet, as well as Committee Chairs and other positions of authority. The students from different schools around the country represent real congressmen, and are each assigned different committees, political parties, and representatives to play the part of.


The purpose of this conference is to allow students to experience what actually happens in Congress, and to see bills and laws debated and passed for themselves. Throughout the week, students have a primary goal of getting a bill passed, which consists of writing that bill, achieving bipartisan support, passing the bill through your committee, and then passing it through the Full House and Full Senate, and to the President. Four groups of students from our school got their bills passed through committee and through the Full House, which is a huge achievement in itself.


As well as attending the conference, CCS students also got to take a trolley tour around the city of Boston, visit the Harvard University campus, and go on a dinner cruise the last night.


Although this trip is a lot of work, it is well worth it, and so much fun. The juniors who attended represented Charlotte Christian extremely well, and learned about the way congress operates and were very successful. Sophomores, you should definitely not miss out on this opportunity next year!


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