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Blake Preston, Staff Writer

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The last dance… Friday April 20th was the last night that seniors got the chance to rock out together on the dance floor. The Junior prom committee did an excellent job decorating the Charlotte Motor Speedway to the tune of a Midsummer Knight. The night was filled with excitement and anxiousness as some made the long drive out to concord, for the first time and others made the familiar drives for their 2nd an 3rd trips. Pictures, bus/limo/car rides, and dinner all leading up to a quick tribute video to the seniors made by Kayla Knight, and then finally the time everyone was waiting for. After two failed attempts to get people out there the seniors finally took the lead and got everyone out on the dance floor. After dancing, around for 2 hours to the Cuban shuffle, and all they guys attempting to hit the “shoot” while also perfecting the “quan” the students wrapped it up and took their rides down the elevators before heading to their various after activities.

This prom was a special one as seniors begin the final trek of senior year and a special thanks to Mrs. Fair and the Prom committee for everything they did for it!

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