Winter Sports Awards

Sophie Lewis, Staff Writer

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With the wrapping up of any sports season comes the awards assembly. This year’s winter athletes have been blessed with great talent.


Across the board, standout athletes were recognized for their abilities. Many awards were given; many records were broken.


Varsity Boys Basketball

  • Blake Preston—Timothy Award
  • Efosa U-Edosomwan—Diligence Award
  • JC Tharrington—Dedication Award
  • JC Tharrington—174 3pt Shots Made (School Record)
  • JC Tharrington—1000pt Club
  • Blake Preston—213 Career Blocked Shots (School Record)
  • Blake Preston—CISAA 1st Team All-Conference
  • JC Tharrington—CISAA 2nd Team All-Conference
  • Blake Preston—CISAA All-State Team


JV Boys Basketball

  • LJ Brown—Leadership Award
  • David Lash—Determination Award
  • Lloyd Glenn—Diligence Award


Girls Varsity Basketball

  • Kaitlin Walker—Most Valuable Player
  • Meg Martin—Leadership Award
  • Lindsay Noonan—Perseverance Award
  • Tiah Rowe—Most Improved Player
  • Kaitlin Walker—27 Blocked Shots in a Single Game
  • Kaitlin Walker—CISAA 2nd Team All-Conference


Girls JV Basketball

  • Anna Coles—Leadership Award
  • Kaylee Andrievk—Witness Award


Varsity Dance

  • Callie Cain—Leadership Award
  • Caroline Farley—Leadership Award
  • Ashley Metz—Endurance Award
  • Chloe Jackson—Diligence Award
  • Kayla Knight—Dedication Award
  • Lucy Cain—CISAA 1st Team All-Conference
  • Allie McCreary—CISAA 1st Team All-Conference
  • Sarah Whiting—CISAA 1st Team All-Conference
  • Alyssa Mederos—CISAA 1st Team All-Conference
  • Kayla Knight—CISAA 1st Team All-Conference
  • Caroline Farley—CISAA 1st Team All-Conference
  • Callie Cain—CISAA 2nd Team All-Conference
  • Ashley Metz—CISAA 2nd Team All-Conference
  • Chloe Jackson—CISAA 2nd Team All-Conference


Varsity Girls Swimming

  • Julia Kocher—Determination Award
  • Martha Ann Langdon—Witness Award
  • Elinor Langdon—Dedication Award
  • Madeline Roddy—Diligence Award
  • Spencer Von Cannon—Courage Award
  • Christina Boelkins—Leadership Award
  • Chloe Lichtenberger—100yd Butterfly [1:03:27] (School Record)
  • Rachel Lee—100yd Breaststroke [1:05:31] (School Record)
  • Rachel Lee—CISAA All-Conference – 100yd Breaststroke [1:09:14]


Varsity Boys Swimming

  • Gray McNeish—Courage Award
  • Nate McGrath—Diligence Award
  • Jace Grauel—Dedication Award
  • Blake Frasier—200 Medley Relay [1:49:8] (School Record)
  • Wes Turley—200 Medley Relay [1:49:8] (School Record)
  • Zach Brown—200 Medley Relay [1:49:8] (School Record)
  • Gray McNeish—200 Medley Relay [1:49:8] (School Record)


Varsity Wrestling

  • Christian Furnari—Most Valuable Player
  • Aiden Sands—Most Improved
  • Zane Rutledge—Determination
  • Steady Cash—Witness Award
  • Christian Furnari—103 Career Wins
  • Christian Furnari—CISAA All-Conference – 184lb. Wt. Class
  • Christian Furnari—NCISAA All-State – 184lb. Wt. Class


Congratulations to all those recognized!

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