Day at the Brown’s

Nate McGrath, Staff Writer

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All hail Mr. Bedenbaugh! The tech savvy teacher, who is known for his spicy comebacks, gave Charlotte Christian a major surprise at the Day at the Brown’s this past Friday. Little known to anyone, Bedenbaugh can sing…really well. Students were left in awe when he nailed a high note while singing “Hallelujah”, and gave the group performing a standing ovation when he and Alex Loeb finished singing. Well, enough talk about Bedenbaugh’s singing; it’s time to talk about what else went on at the Day at the Browns.

The show kicked off with laughter as Mr. Davis showed his famous video of the seniors introducing themselves in Bible when they were sophomores. Some highlights from the video included Jacob Giller trying to be cool saying his name, Allison Holbrooks laughing nonstop and Ryan Chaffin’s baby face.

Once the video ended, the talent began. Ky Southerland kicked things off with his awesome drum solo which was then followed by Josh Vinten, Collin Gallagher, Cole Von Cannon, Alex Loeb and the famous Mr. Bedenbaugh. Their performance provided enough phone flashlights waving to light up the entire Alkire Auditorium. After them, Steady Cash and his friend Austin sang a great duo while playing guitars. Phoebe Son Oh then sang a beautiful song that left everyone in awe. Giving a little humor to the show, seniors Luke Warner and Drew Michaud along with freshman Trey Johnson performed dressed as mimes. Rounding out the show, Collin Gallagher performed a great solo and Knights Knews aired their final episode of H2.

After hard consideration, the judges finally submitted the winners of the talent show. 3rd place went to Steady Cash and Austin and 2nd place went to Phoebe Son Oh. 1st place went to Josh and his friends, who were carried to victory with Alex Loeb’s and Bedenbaugh’s heavenly voices. This year’s talent show really was one for the books, and we cannot wait to see what is in store for next year!

Below is a list of the Senior Superlatives and their winners:


Most Likely to be a Future CEO: Madison Urban and Hanxi Chang

Best Smile: Justus Woods and Julia Hannum

Cutest Couple: Ryan Chaffin and Lila Hamilton

Best Bromance: Luke Warner and Michael Bartholomew

Worst Driving Record: Sara Shepherd and Alex Cherne

Most Athletic: Meg Martin and Terrelle Brown

Most School Spirit: Ben Duyck and Caroline Thompson

Best Dressed: Carter Bland and Lyndon Lloyd

Best Personality: Callie Cain and Riley Carlton

Most likely to win the lottery and lost the ticket: Sidney Nalewaja and Jackson Horner

Most Artistic: Reagan Jackson and Addison Basham

Best Hair: Regan Jackson and Lyndon Lloyd

Best Eyes: Chris Lohoff-Gaida and Elizabeth Leathermen

Most ready to graduate: Caroline White and Griffin Hicks

Most likely to be late to graduation: Sidney Nalewaja and Griffin Hicks

Most likely to become the President: Regan Jackson and Terrelle Brown

Best Laugh: Ashley Metz and Justus Woods

Class Clown: Alex Brown and Hayden Fancher

Most Southern: Matthew Haynes and Carter Bland

Most Opinionated: Phoebe Son and Dallas Thomley

Best to bring home to your parents: Ryan Chaffin and Callie Cain

Most likely to return to CCS (the Ben Ector award): Brynn Collins and Jacob Giller

Most likely to be caught sleeping in class: Jackson Horner and Rachel Lee

Most likely to be out of dress code: Leila Webster and Matthew Faulkner

Best example of Godly character: Madison Urban and Ryan Chaffin

Most likely to go viral/become a meme: Alex Brown and Jack Curry

Most likely to take over the world: Eliza Ho and Gabe Reynolds

Most likely to go pro: Justus Woods and Hannah Faulkenberry

Most likely to leave a comment on Instagram: Jack Scott and Sidney Nalewaja

Most likely to fight aliens: Gabe Reynolds and Evangelia Edwards

Most likely to find a cure for cancer: Madison Urban and Jajuan Wright

Most likely to be a missionary: Madison Urban and Lyndon Lloyd

Most likely to crash on your crouch: Alex Brown and Luke Warner

Most likely to be a soccer mom/soccer dad: Blake Preston and Caroline Thompson

Most musically talented: Phoebe Son Oh and Dallas Thomley

Biggest teacher’s pet: Caroline Thompson and Carson Poole

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