National Honor Society Induction

Nate McGrath, Staff Writer

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This past Wednesday, Charlotte Christian held its annual National Honor Society (NHS) Induction Ceremony (wow that was a mouthful). 36 students of the junior class were admitted this year by Mrs. McGinn and NHS class officers in front of their parents and the entire Upper School. Out of all of the students, Drew Marin received the most and even a standing ovation from some of his admirers. One of the highlights of the ceremony was the famous candle lighting, which looks more like a cult meeting when the lights are turned off. Thankfully, it was another successful lighting as no one had their hair catch on fire, although some people’s hands were baptized with hot wax. Another memorable part of the ceremony was when Mrs. Kasay spoke, calling on the students to continue to be ‘dreamers’ and not give up on their dreams just because somebody is standing in the way.

Congratulations to all of the juniors who were inducted and like Mrs. Kasay, we encourage you to keep chasing your dreams, even if someone is standing in the way.


List of juniors who were accepted are below…


Addison Blake

Christina Boelkins

Nathan Brannon

Claire Burch

Annslie Burris

Maya Cauthen

Taiyi Chen

Trey Donathan

Lauren Forget

Adam Gilmartin

Taylor Holbrooks

Michael Holt

Megan Igbinadolor

Payton Jones

Emily Ketron

Jesse Kuteyi

Marth Ann Langdon

Sophie Lewis

Abigail Marco

Andrew Marin

Allison McCreary

Nathanael McGrath

Claire Owens

Tracy Pham

Margaret Porter

Lauren Poynter

Shane Russell

Elisabeth Sachtleben

JD Shropshire

Matthew Siverling

Alex Tan

J.C. Tharrington

Taylor Turner

Kaitlin Walker

Riley Warpula

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