Meet the Prefects

Annabella White, Staff Writer

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Meet Martha Ann Langdon, the Academic Prefect. She has been at this school for eight years and is looking forward to working with Mrs.Poole to make the academic culture more inviting.








Elisabeth Sachtleben is the new Student Life Prefect and has been at CCS for thirteen years. She is excited to plan school events like Windy Gap and dances that hopefully will provide students with memories that will last a lifetime!









Madi Mull is the new fine arts prefect and is excited to be a prefect because it will give her the opportunity to lead the upper school and get to plug the play. She encourages everyone to try out for High School Musical.









Meet the Head Prefect, Kaitlin Walker! She is excited to watch as the community becomes more connected through all sections of our school and is thrilled to work with such amazing people and experience the results of teamwork.









Nate McGrath is the new Spiritual Life Prefect, he is excited to see how Enform will turn out and watch all the spiritual growth throughout all of campus.









Sophie Lewis is the new Athletic Prefect. She has been at CCS for seven years and is looking forward to getting students involved in games and uniting the athletic department.









Kayla Knight, the new Cultural Prefect, is excited to work with the other prefects, and introduce the high school to the position of Cultural Prefect, which is new this year.

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