Winter Week 2019

Vivian Yang, Staff Writer

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Tuesday: Decades day

The high school started out Winter Week with Decades Day! The seniors wore 90s theme, Juniors wore 80s theme, Sophomores wore 70s theme, and Freshman wore 60s theme. Some popular outfits and themes were jeans on jeans, neon clothing, and clueless movie-inspired fashion.


Wednesday: Disney

Disney day was one of the favorites. One very popular item worn by students was probably the Micky Mouse ears. Some even went all out and wore a complete Disney costume! It was a magical day at Charlotte Christian School.


Thursday: Animals

There was one sentence to conclude animals day: lots of cheetah girls. But the ultimate award goes to our favorite, Mrs. Poole. She dressed up as a unicorn! The creativity of students was out of this world.


Friday: Neon

Everyone at Charlotte Christian was getting ready for the annual winter Bible Basketball. Almost the entire school was decked out in their neon attires. It was quite a scene! Bible Basketball did not disappoint and it turned out to be a very interesting game.

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